I am a paranormal investigator and a psychic medium. I am a person who believes in gathering hard evidences for myself when there is a claim of paranormal activities in an area. I believe that if there are paranormal activities or there are sighting of ghosts in an area, they should be treated seriously and be investigated thoroughly. Through my years of research and investigation, I have helped new home buyers find out if there are any problems with their newly built house before moving in. For home owners who have just bought a second-hand property, it is crucial to find out if there are any negative residual energies, left by the previous owner, before moving in. For parents who are expecting their newborn, it is important to find out and cleanse the child’s room of any bad energy.

Ghost Investigator specialised in investigating home or businesses troubled by paranormal activities through the use of EMF meter, digital video cameras, night vision and audio recorder.

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