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Worth the time in exploring the different dimension. Unbelievable findings and great experience from Ghost Investigator.


I would like to start with the fact that Ghost Investigator team are all totally awesome people. Not only is it a pleasure spending time with them but, the knowledge and ability they have to talk to people on the other side is mind blowing.

As for skeptics, I would suggest you take the time to go on an investigation with this group to experience the different dimensions of this world.

As a believer in the paranormal I had the pleasure of meeting up with this wonderful team.

Esther Lim

A peek into another dimension. You have to see to believe it!


Ghost investigator examines paranormal activities through scientific evidence as well as psychic abilities. Seeing is believing! Do give it a go if you need its services!


GHOST INVESTIGATOR as its name says, its for the adventurous ppl and not for the faint hearted! Get involved in intriguing n exciting expedition to uncover n discover things you never knew existed!


For those of you old enough to remember, I edited Singapore’s FIRST series of true ghost stories back in ’89, SOULS. These days I’m primarily focused on producing horror films, but I still keep abreast of all things paranormal. That’s why I love GHOST INVESTIGATOR. There are loads of videos chronicling mysterious activity on this page that you won’t find elsewhere. What I like about GHOST INVESTIGATOR is that the evidence is presented as is. No dramatics. No theatrics. Just cold hard evidence. As it should be. They obviously take their work seriously and I admire that. Continued success! Look forward to more postings.

Ramesh Kula

Had a chance to experience one of the trips with Paranormal Adventures. The results were as what was shown! No gimmicks or edit! Had a great time!

Pei Jun

Try it and you will find out!! Got to see many many things during the adventures!

Low Feng Hua