Near death experience

Mr Pek Chuan encountered a near death experience when he was 13 years old. He jaywalked along Braddell Road and stood at the road divider, waiting to cross the road. After he took the first step to cross the road, he heard a male voice in his ear commanding him to go back. Immediately, he took a step back and at the very same moment, a car sped past before him. He was shaken, realising that if he had crossed the road, he would definitely have been run over by the car. Since then, he has been very fascinated by what lies beyond death.
Is death the end of our existence or does it mark the birth of another journey? Why can’t the ghost cross over to the other side? And how can my investigation ease their pain and help them move on?

After serving national service, Pek Chuan furthered his studies at the University of Western Australia. He received an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After graduation, he started a career as an engineer.

Encounter with the paranormal

At the age of 28, Pek Chuan’s real encounter with the spiritual world came in the form of a dark shadowy figure, which stood in front of him during his meditation, seemingly trying to communicate with him. Instead of being alarmed, it spurred him on to read up intensively on happenings related to the spiritual world as well as speak to masters in the field to extend his knowledge. As he goes deeper into his research and investigation, he discovered his ability to detect these sources of energy in our environment.

While keen to share his discoveries and sightings with others, very few believed them to be true or dismissed them as camera malfunction. Undeterred, he further sought ways to bridge the gap between our world and the spiritual dimension using a modern equipment to capture energies on video so as to prove that they exist everywhere around us, in the same space we live and work in.